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Charge standard

    moved out of place and moved into place at a distance of 15 kilometres per car according to the following criteria:

    1. van price of 150 Yuan.

    2. relocation of enterprises, groups: load 1 ton van 190-230, 2 ton van 230-260, 3 ton van 260-300.

    3. resident individuals move: load 1 ton van 230-260, 2 ton van 260-300, 3 ton van 300-350.

    4. buildings three storeys and each layer to floor charge 10 Yuan, plus second elevator handling charges 10 Yuan.

    5. overweight items (over 50 kg) stairs on each additional 10-20 Yuan per piece.

    6. disassembly wardrobe: form split by 20 Yuan each door is; screen disassembly and Assembly for 20 Yuan/person, remove 10 yuan/person; summary free of charge.

    7. dismantle air conditioners, 1P 80, 2P 120, 3P 150 Yuan.

    8. manual handling of machinery and equipment in more than 250 kg, starting at $ 350.

    9. each additional loading and unloading, plus handling fee of 30-50 Yuan.

    10. stop when the vehicle is not in place, manual handling of goods from more than 15 metres per metre plus 2.

    11. workers ' vehicle in place, customer causes cancellation of removal, shall collect empty 150-200.

    12. delay caused by customer vehicles and handling personnel work, plus delay costs 80 yuan per hour.

    13. manual handling of goods without vehicles, charge 50 Yuan per hour per person.

    14.18:30-6:30 operations shall be subject to 30 RMB overtime.

    15. parking fees and bridge tolls paid by the customer.

    16. company with carton sizes, such as customer needs, by-10-15 charged.


    1. Shijiazhuang City limousine service within 24 hours.

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