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Air conditioning Assembly and disassembly

Air conditioning Assembly and disassembly

   , domestic and commercial air conditioning

    1. air conditioner installation

    2. air conditioning repair

    3. move the air conditioning machines

    4. air conditioning with liquid

    5. air cleaning

    6. air conditioning maintenance

    second, to undertake all types of imports, domestic air conditioning installation, repair, maintenance and transfer of machine refrigerator, kitchen refrigerators, cold boxes, making installation and maintenance of refrigeration equipment such as chillers. Has chilled professional repair service technicians and a wide array of maintenance equipment. Because of our expertise, let you ease and peace of mind, but also for your extra maintenance costs.

   , we specialize in air conditioning, refrigeration and other equipment service.

    SI, color TV. stereo effects. VCD. laundry facilities. household appliances such as rice cookers, as well as a variety of track maintenance.


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