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Moving: moving furniture, tableware should pay attention to the details

    furniture in the handling process most likely to be torn, furniture is shaved the aesthetic impact, so in the process of moving a certain caution.

    bedside table handling considerations: bedside table is part of the bed, removed later remember to screw the parts in plastic bags and then adhere it to the headboard, so to avoid installation of the screw parts could not be found.

    table handling considerations:-table many, if it is a large table, glass table is relatively difficult to move, using thick paper or other kind of thickness of the four corner fixed with adhesive tape to protect, then wrapped with cords of the tabletop to prevent damage.

    Cabinet removal Note: first remove the drawer, and then fixed with tape all drawers good; remove items before putting it in cardboard boxes, very convenient to carry. 

    Dresser removal Note: dresser with mirror, so bring the handling difficulty, the first cosmetic Unity into a box on the dresser, and mirror package with foam.

    handling the blade Note: blade bread with thick cardboard, and then fixed with tape, so as not to slip.


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