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Move placed the tank has a knack

    after the move to be properly placed in the tank, the following five points are for reference only:

    1, the tank should not be too large; too much fish tank will store too much water, from a Feng Shui perspective, water is important, too much too much unfavorable, while the tank is higher than the adult stand up eye position is high, so tank should not be too large in the living room is too high, especially for small size of living room is more appropriate.

    2, the tank should not be placed in Kyrgystan; any House cannot be perfect, there exist such as outside, using tanks to resolve is one of those ingenious way. Feng Shui "water into zero Church" argument, the so-called "zero Church" refers to the failure of the lost games, which means that transport the water loss position, can turn evil, but very risky investments. Therefore fish tanks should be fierce, and should not be placed in Kyrgyzstan.

    3, fish tank do not lie behind the sofa: from a Feng Shui perspective, backers behind it was not right to do with water, because water is impermanent, rain or shine, it is hard to find stability. Put the fish tank behind the sofa, a daily sitting there will be no reliable, affecting the stability of the home games. If the fish tank next to the sofa, on residential Feng Shui is no impediment.

    4, fish tank do not is rushing with the stove: fish tank water, fire and kitchen stoves, because "water" and "fire" came, and therefore fish tank if the the living room and the kitchen stove to form a straight line, which then made a fire rushed bogey. Fish tank and stove hedge will be detrimental to your family's health; because fire punch, water g fire victims are stove fire, and rely on this stove for cooking family, victims will also be jointly and severally liable. In addition, the Aquarium placed should avoid is rushing with the divinities in a straight line.

    5, fish tank do not put under God: as the popular saying goes: "money money", so fu, Lu and Shou such wealth should be placed in when South Korean money, this can be icing on the cake. If placed in a fish bowl of wealth would be wrong. Fish tanks should have been placed in residential hard, if placed near the fish tank of wealth, and "money money" principle of contradiction, and placed on top of the fish tank of wealth, then make a Feng Shui "water God" of merit will be threatened with bankruptcy?


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