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"Nanny-style" moving service has quietly

    for many people, moved into a happy event, is also a troubling--furniture, air conditioning and disassembling, sundries Pack tend to spend a lot of time and energy. "If you have a can do everything ' housekeeper ' would be nice!" A lot of people sigh.

    today's "total housekeeper" has quietly appeared at Tin City. The reporter learned from the Municipal Association of moving, a new kind of "nanny-style" moving service, more and more "high end" customers. The public just a phone call, the moving company will send a professional class of "housekeeping" door-to-door assessment for customers tailored a programme of moving and directing staff Pack, finishing, and the piano, high-end appliances, furniture and other "protected object" implementation of process monitoring. After moving into the new House, "housekeeping" was also responsible for furniture, electrical installation in place, so as to allow the public to move process much more convenient.

    "Steward" Porter appeared and revolutionized this industry only in people's minds in the past "after completing" impression. First launched the "nanny-style" moving service of Wuxi tangnan Xia Guanghua described moving company Manager, last as long as there's a truck, along with several "mighty" migrant workers could open the moving company. And now with public living of improve, moved of "content" and past has has is big different, drawers, and big door these heavy of large less has, and LCD TV, and piano, need carefully care of precious things more has, moved company of "extensive" business mode increasingly faced challenge, "a not watch, touch bad is will lost ' money '", Xia Guanghua said, situation forced with moved company service upgrade, also forced with moved workers to "technology type" road. Now in some of the larger moving companies, each of the movers have to undergo a rigorous training, particularly piano, LCD TV, luxury furniture and other "delicate" of things, handling with very high technical content, the need for specialized study. And the "Butler" senior Porter, you not only understand the disassembly and Assembly of furniture, and have the appliance checked and debugging skills, and are able to co-ordinate scheduling of vehicles, personnel, and demanding.

    increase the technology content, and moving services "gold content" rise. Municipal Association of moving charge, currently include site evaluation, programming, packaging, sorting, removal of links in place, install the "nanny-style" moving service, charging about 1 time times higher than ordinary moving services. Still, the more high-end moving services, still winning customers. It is understood that initially some foreign-invested enterprises interested in this, but many enterprises to "Steward" Porter invitations, now more and more ordinary citizens agreed with this "one-stop" relocation services, business volume continued to rise.


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