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When looking for a moving company to move the public communication is also important

    looking for moving companies when moving, be sure to make communication work, for example: move from site to site the number of floors, there is no elevator, the car can close to the floor, under the debris, clothes, what are the total number of packages, furniture, appliances, etc; it is best to please its valuation, so that there will not be any misunderstanding or something;

    moving company bargaining standards in General, each moving company moving price may vary, although there is an alleged market price, but still need to look at individual circumstances, differ, but typically measure no more than the following

    the number, size, weight; how big.

    floor height (from the local to the destination of the move), for example: from the original five-floor House and moved to the third floor of the new residence, it is necessary to count money on the ninth floor, but if there are elevators, are relatively cheap.

    distance, typically spanned, across the city and County need to raise fares.

    valuables with another, for example: piano, paintings, antiques and other handling, is must be negotiated separately.

    contract should be formulated with the moving company to protect their rights and interests, due to moving companies varies greatly, in order to protect their own rights, and eliminate unnecessary disputes, ugly words should be said before, recommended setting contract with moving companies.


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