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Move to science fact, not too superstitious

    in moving, and don't be too superstitious, the best combination of scientific fact moving work. Moving House is a nice thing, this means that you will move into the new House, and improve the quality of life; move is happy, move more is important to pay attention to safety, choosing moving weather, look for regular moving company moving! Many have moved online superstition claims not to believe too much, for reference only

    of blind faith in rules 1, selected the appropriate move "beauty"

    Neo-Confucianism on the word "JI Liang urged" an auspicious day is a must. Usually move up to select "water", it is best not to use "hot" days, when selecting a Yin Yang Ri, Yin combined with Yang Chen. Dr Cheng reminded: choosing an auspicious day, also depends on a good day this day with family on lunar new year animals came, and if this has to be adjusted while in date based on the need to find the appropriate time of day, set a suitable moving time. Usually completed before the next move at three o'clock in the afternoon, or moving can affect your luck at night. Specific date can be found in this article the following "09 move day", of course, better to see Dr Cheng the high-end elite business Feng Shui Guide, the guide lists the date, time, and related animal rushed bogey.

    of blind faith in rules 2, selected the appropriate move specific routes

    from bit science view moved to meet route of Xuan empty GUA acting, such on can reduced many not necessary of disaster became, like is 24 mountain in the from Garrison to b is dry Kan Gen earthquake four Yang Gua, from e to Xin Naixun away from Kun against four Yin Gua, from Yang GUA moved into yin GUA or from Yin GUA moved to Yang GUA is for auspicious, if by Yin into yin, and Yang into Yang that even inauspicious has. Popular Dr Cheng said that to choose a good move of course is my friends, keep away from some directions and in some places, like hospitals, churches, towers and so on. Cannot avoid the place after then. Usually after to burn incense, and the red pieces. Some people disagree, often results in strange after moving a lot.

    superstition rules 3, moved to choose a new pillow

    Neo-Confucianism that "occupation" listeners transfer of gas field, so need a pillow to occupation: in accordance with the number of families, enabling new pillow to open the door into the House. Placed in accordance with individual beds. In Hong Kong, Singapore and other Chinese pillows inside the envelope, containing 138 Yuan in an attempt to "germinal" meaning.

    superstition rules 4, pay attention to water, kettle, hair dryer

    the day of arrival, be sure to boil a kettle of boiling water, + means a bonanza. While plug in basin (kitchen, bathroom, etc) + open faucet, + slower water flow as long, meaning the full bowl full of meaning. Houses also can turn on the fan, round about + hair dryer, blow door + but not, are wind and head.

    fetish should also pay attention to rules 5, moved all the way

    move the best carries a full m-meter cylinder or m barrels, barrel placed in a piece of writing with "Chang Man" red paper, 168 Yuan or placing the envelope, taking its "green" meaning.

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