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How moving fragile items when finishing move?

    photo frames, mirrors

    after wrap to be tied with a cloth or towel.

    crafts (such as antique class)

    should be filled in in the box within the article itself, then surrounded it with foam or paper, in order to reduce the oscillation.

    bowls, saucers, spoons, cups

    paper to separate and then boxed, surrounded by paper or foam be fixed, reducing collisions between them, to avoid damage.

    coffee mug

    bubble (or newspaper) the glass wrap, and stagger the handle position upside down atop the other.

    in order to protect his hand, use the bubble cloth tightly tied.

    into the box, Cup hands interlaced in upside down.

    vase or bottle

    first in the original packing box and then into the box. If loose, please put some of the filler fixed

    even the box in carton, and boxed with other items.


    bubble plates and the plates between cloth or crepe folded newspaper.

    about 2 to 3 as a group and then bound with poly-bags.

    into the box in the note to make.

    easily damaged goods if the conditions can be labeled as fragile, not words, so that distinction.

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