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After moving house air conditioning installation tips

    level 1, to install on smooth, solid walls.

    2, intake and outlet flow.

    3, normal operation of the air conditioning

    4, ends and should leave room at the top.

    5, away from TV sets to little more than a metre in order to avoid mutual interference.

    6, away from the heat source, flammable gas.

    7, do not place near high power high frequency equipment, radio equipment so as not to interfere

    outdoor unit installation notes

    level 1, to install in a smooth, solid wall or roof, balcony.

    2, its inlet and outlet flow.

    3, to avoid direct sunlight, if necessary accompanied by sun visor, but not impede air circulation:

    4, discharge of hot air and noise does not affect neighboring households.

    5, in order to keep the air flowing, outside the machine, left and right should have a certain space.

    6, heating and cooling air conditioner outdoor unit to choose not to have northwest wind blew into place.

    7, not in strong winds and dust.

    8, stay away from the heat source and easy gas source.

    9, not affect pedestrians.

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