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Moves don't go for cheap, formal is the hard truth

    currently law Shang and no issued "moved company" such of license, Ministry put moved industry return for "car freight industry" to governance, and to has car freight industry of qualifications required has 25 million of capital amount, filed vehicles 20 Department, and six a parking, by paid tax amount costly, on due to its threshold high, incurred many industry who to other method to registration filed, currently on has following several situation: packaging company, and lifting engineering company, and Industries limited, Business Club, an unregistered personal move, the jurisdictions, the penalties are different oceans, there are unscrupulous operators is not even registered, borrowed only licence to operate to avoid the Ministry of governance, the difference is noted in the table.

    Chang Yong now of problem but, according to consumption who of questionnaire statistics invention, integrity operation of industry who also not full is to Ministry finds of "car freight industry" filed registration, and so-called of pass industry who also often performances moved disputes of play code, actually Government if not alone set set relocation service industry of governance method, let governance has method has according to, in the large industry who also can requests return into governance, moved of mess as still is cannot improved of. Indeed in recent months, the Ministry has also invited many coherent units, official dealers and worse of law, to elaborate a set of methods to standard, or not sure about the former, readers have to my eyes now!

    choice of standard money to hire a moving company, bought not just the moving force, should be of high quality moving service. Thus, choice moving company moving company standard is Guangzhou high quality service.

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