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Live in new houses before moving the knowledge-move of knowledge

    beautiful home decoration good, can't wait to move into new home experience the feeling, but moving is always tricky things, too many things not said, details are always required special attention, the following small make up just a few move common sense, for members ' reference.

    how to select a moving company?

    decoration when completed, many students may also move to ease the burden on his handling of the company here, small friends remind you of:

    moved wants to find formal of moved company, especially for moved of items compared more and has precious items of when. formal of moved company in this aspects relative guarantee better some. rules of moved company except license outside, is important of is is must to get Transport Council issued of road transport license. and around of Transport Council website Shang will provides convenience of legal transport enterprise query. second is, goods than several home not suffer.

    Tip: moving company in calculating the price move is evaluated when the departure and destination distance, both sides are there floors, lift, employers need insurance for valuables, is very hard to carry the cargo requires special equipment. If a car moves out.

    1, five days before moving

    cleaning furniture cabinets, spraying, avoid bringing cockroaches to new homes. New home thoroughly clean up, spraying insecticide and drain in the corner. Remember to back up the important data on computer hard drives in, notes document best early instruments such as valuables packed, away in the Office safe and secure place to prevent the loss.

    2, moving day

    (1) moving company arrives, and lead people to identify which things need to move again, and moved to where, what floor, check handling costs and previously agreed unanimously, avoid moving to a half, workers sat starting at, and removal costs, should wait until everything is in place and then pay.

    (2) when packed, it is best to give everything a number, affixed, at a glance, all cabinets, boxes should remove the packaging, do not let the workers attached to it moved.

    (3) bulk glass furniture must be removed separately handling to avoid danger. If new flooring is not a wear-resistant, it is best to protect, or items on which will inevitably drag handling, do not think you told workers they would work.

    (4) when in the old home, move small car, into their new home when to move large car, and the host will be the first to identify all of the room large are located.

    (5) put all fragile items into one place, and striking marker, carefully reminding workers, last car of fragile, after arriving at the new home, the first move to get off, it is best to let workers carry directly to new home space such as bathroom (General moved little moved to bathroom).

    3, after moving

    moving after sorting:

    (1), wipe the floors, tables, chairs, cabinets, etc;

    (2) essential everyday items sorting in place to ensure the normal order of life;

    (3) organize commonly used goods, some usual basic things can be put into storage after finishing;

    (4) being the basic items in place, after the room had been cleaned, make clothing, beds, table cloths, etc;

    (5) Finally, the room that lets put some decorations to beautify your home.

    after damage claims:

    (1) for damage to household appliances, moving company afford the maintenance costs should be invited, if damaged, new products should be compensated;

    (2) damage for valuables, shall request the relevant compensation to the sector valuation;

    (3) moving company caused personal injury, moving company should be responsible for medical expenses;

    (4) if the claim dispute process, you can find consumer association or related Department to solve.

    after Anton:

    (1) receive the necessary license: Community passport covers, vehicle passes, parking permits, dog cards, and so on;

    (2) initiative and greet neighbors, mutual understanding, establishing initial relations with their neighbors.

    4, moving tips

    (1) how to save on moving costs?

    to save on moving costs, first choose the regular moving company, moving company which has posted ads do not look for the street, so as not to be black. Prior to the Advisory 2~3, choose a certain well-known and reputable moving company. Secondly to prepare, so as to avoid their causes waste of time or money.

    (2) how to save on moving time?

    to save on moving time, first of all work to prepare fully, all scattered things into a box or package, peers. Secondly, it can ask the moving company to send more manpower. Finally, arrange the time and travel, missing the peak traffic and traffic routes.

    (3) how to move the most peace of mind?

    to avoid the hassle of moving much fanfare, is the best way to sell all the old furniture and unnecessary supplies, to purchase a new set of furniture in the new House. While this practice in some luxury, but will give you a new feeling.

    (4) how to avoid collisions?

    must to to moved company of personnel specified which box or that pieces items belongs to focus protection, may words in box Shang added striking identifies or tips language; some easy broken of items or precious of items best himself handling; personally supervision large household appliances of moved put; some is sank or volume huge of home furniture (as cabinet, and piano,) should more find several workers handling, and was in next command; easy broken or fear pressure of items should put in most top, last loading, The first unloading some aisle of old buildings and narrow,

    and often cluttered, be careful not to hit something next door.

    moving notes Feng Shui and horoscope:

    1, to choose suitable for moving "moments". Day can see "Daily Almanac"; recorded in any Almanac: pony, horse, dehe, opening day, whole day, their sins, days, four-phase, Shi de, days, months grace and so on should be relocated. Note avoid Almanac records: spent four, five, four, breaking days, weekdays, closed day, closed day four, to die, to avoid, collectors, old, tired of months, month sentence, three days. To see if this day and the family signs are rushed, if rushed to choose another date. On this basis, find the appropriate time of the day, set a suitable moving time. Usually move to select the day. Otherwise moving can affect your luck at night.

    2, select a new move the pillow. Neo-Confucianism that "occupation" listeners transfer of gas field, so need a pillow to occupation: in accordance with the number of families, enabling new pillow to open the door into the House. Placed in accordance with individual beds. In Hong Kong, Singapore and other Chinese pillows inside the envelope, containing 138 Yuan in an attempt to "germinal" meaning.

    3, stay for 21 when lit incense, from the House to the left, and was smoked by smoke sweeping rooms and toilet cooker, ceiling, wall and wall, right out of the House, outside places of safety, discard it out. To get rid of the evil influence, especially for those who build in the Feng Shui is the Foundation of the House is very important.

    4, special remind: If you are pregnant, so should not be witnessed throughout the relocation process. Moving day auspicious times, water heating, cooking, best do worship, setting off firecrackers and other work.

    5, stay the day, be sure to boil a kettle of boiling water, meaning the money rolling in. While plug in basin (kitchen, bathroom, etc), open the tap, carefully to slow water flow, because long, meaning the full bowl full of meaning. Houses also can turn on the fan, round about hair dryers, blow door but don't, meaning wind.

    6, move the best carries a full m-meter cylinder or m barrels, barrel placed in a piece of writing with "Chang Man" red paper, 168 Yuan or placing the envelope, taking its "green" meaning.

    7, if we journey farther, in carry-on luggage to bring a handful of rice and a new home and a small bottle of water to the soil. Especially for moving from one province to another province and even more so, not to mention abroad. So to prevent soil and homesick.

    8, move the day never angry, never swearing, especially not to abuse children. Must say auspicious words, lucky thing.

    9, moving the day of not taking a NAP in his new home, after the otherwise vulnerable to disease. Sleep that night, he will lie down in a matter of minutes after working for a while, said bed also.

    10, moving after the first days or within the first week of naofang, that is sure to please friends and family and neighbors in the home of excitement: or talk or eat or entertainment, and, as lively as possible to exorcise.

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