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Winter loaded to move matters needing attention

    decoration of long and hard work finally finished, but don't rush moved into the new House, first of all serious acceptance to avoid later disputes and problems, there are also many winter, paying particular attention to matters:

   , winter construction and ventilation than other seasons, indoor residual harmful gases, newly renovated House, consumers don't rush to stay, to the appropriate length of stay. Recommended Greens, flowers and water absorbs part of the harmful gases.

    second, after renovation work was completed, the owner can be placed in each room with a pot of water, increasing indoor humidity to prevent the wall surfaces, top surfaces, furniture and other cracks in drying too fast.

    after completion of the three, should be done air testing, heating seasons, dry air, high temperature, bad ventilation, core boards, wood flooring and other decoration materials in the formaldehyde, benzene, large amount of harmful substances, such as volatile, easily lead to excessive concentrations of hazardous substances. Qualified indoor air inspection departments should be invited to do an air test. If unqualified, immediately asked the experts to identify sources of harmful substances, and requested the workers to prevent hazards.

    five, ventilation to disperse harmful substances such as formaldehyde and paint dry, but winter outdoor temperatures are low, will make latex paint deterioration, poor adhesion, even powdering. No dry paint wall after decoration easy to freeze, and in the spring wall surface after discoloration. Ventilation is necessary, but latex paint 5 deg will degenerate, so open Windows best on warm afternoons, ventilation time too long at a time, in case the ledge near the wall were freezing and discoloration.

    six, winter comes to the Lunar New Year holiday, a lot of decoration companies in order to avoid "alternate account", to settlement amount in years ago. At this time, the owners fully understand the first, all walks of life but at the same time and by the end of the busy season, owners will take the time to decorate after careful checking of the accounts accounting. Four, acceptance of focus on construction joints, sticker, patch compliance requirements, is already cracking, and decoration companies agree on the details of after-sale warranty. For wall tile mosaic, with a metal hammer, tap the four corners and the middle of the wall and floor tiles, there should be no hollow sound, wall and floor tile joint, the whole plane should be flat. Has no obvious gaps and unevenness of the floor, floor and the baseboard junction is closed. You can walk slowly in each room again, winter laying wooden floors should be appropriate joints, so a reasonable gap is acceptable.

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